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Purpose of the OCCDQ-T Study:

Certain dimensions of personality, emotions and motivations, present to some extent in all people, may be on a continuum with clinical symptoms and disorders. Repetitive thoughts and behaviours are present in both Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and in other clinical conditions, such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). However, it is unknown to what extent these shared repetitive tendencies reflect the influence of similar underlying dimensions of personality, emotions, and motivations. In order to study this in family members of individuals affected by ASD, we invite you to complete this questionnaire regarding your own typical thoughts, feelings and actions. The questionnaire has 31 items, which are rated on a 5-point scale ranging from "Never Applies To Me" to "Always Applies To Me". By collecting this type of information on a large number of families, we hope to better characterize and understand the link between ASDs and different dimensions of personality and emotions in family members. We hope to correlate these results with genetic findings, in families who participate in our genetic studies. Therefore, we are inviting all parents to complete the OCCDQ-T.


The study must be completed on yourself only. Please have other family members, over the age of 16, complete this questionnaire for themselves. Please select the most appropriate response for each question.


This form consists of 31 questions and should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

1. I get a sense of apprehension, as though something bad might happen or may have already happened.
2. There are things that I am afraid might happen if I don't take certain steps to prevent them.
3. I seem to focus on the flaws in things more than most people.
4. There are specific things around me that could cause harm to me or to people I care about.
5. I feel "stuck", as though I can't proceed with activities.
6. Even if harm is very unlikely, I feel the need to prevent it at any cost.
7. I feel I must do things in a "set way", though I might have difficulty putting that set way into words.
8. I feel I must avoid, prevent, or "undo" possible negative consequences.
9. I must do things in a certain way or I will not feel right.
10. There are things I feel I must do in order to prevent harm from coming to myself or other people.
11. There is nothing like the feeling I have when something is finally satisfactorily completed.
12. I don't know until I finish something if it's being done properly.
13. I get a troubling internal sense of dissatisfaction.
14. I get the impression that things are more threatening to me than to other people.
15. I am bothered by the sense that things are imperfect (such as belongings, ideas, or tasks to be done).
16. I can identify specific objects or situations that make me very anxious or fearful.
17. I feel driven to re-do or prolong activities or tasks until they feel 'just right'.
18. If I don't do things in a certain way, something harmful or bad may result.
19. Routine activities take me longer than they should because they don't seem perfectly completed.
20. There are certain consequences that I am more afraid of than most people.
21. It seems like I am 'on the lookout' for the dangers in situations.
22. It is not easy for me to predict when a task or activity will feel satisfactorily finished.
23. I have fears that I wish I could ignore, but can't.
24. It is difficult for me to feel content with things I've completed (e.g., tasks, conversations).
25. I cannot help but think about bad things that might happen.
26. I am very particular about how things must appear or be done.
27. I waste a lot of time trying to get things "just right."
28. It takes a long time for me to feel certain about things.
29. Situations or things seem so scary that I wish I could avoid them altogether.
30. I know I've done something right when I get a certain feeling inside.
31. Even though my senses tell me I've done something, it doesn't seem to "sink in".

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